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EVERY DAY COUNTS                                   EVERY DAY COUNTS             EVERY DAY COUNTS                                   EVERY DAY COUNTS              

Parents are reminded of the importance of sending children to school every day. Being at school every day counts, with one day absent each week quickly adding up to two months of missed lessons in a year.
Unless your child is ill, it is expected that your child will be at school learning every day of the school year. 
Every day counts is a state wide initiative that aims to assist in improving student attendance at school through a shared commitment by students, parents, caregivers, schools and the community.
To do this, Every day counts promotes four key messages:
*        all children should be enrolled at school and attend on every school day
·*       schools should monitor, communicate and implement strategies to improve regular school attendance
*        truanting can place a student in unsafe situations and impact on their future employability and life choices
*   attendance at school is the responsibility of everyone in the community.

Tips for turning up

Don’t think about it

Just do it, go to school. Sounds simple, because it is. School attendance should become a habit.

Get to bed early

Yeah, we know it sounds preachy, but it’s important. Go to bed late on weekends, that’s what they're for. During the week, though, be sensible: hit the hay early. It’s a sure way to make the most of your school day.

Dream big

What’s this about? It’s thinking possibilities, more importantly your career and work possibilities. Whatever your dream is, school is important in making sure you achieve it.


Check in with your friends to make sure they’re turning up, and hopefully they’ll do the same for you.
What’s your tip for turning up? Contact us ( ) so we can share your deadly idea.


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  • Every day counts

    Every day counts

    01 Feb 2014

    Parents are reminded of the importance of sending children to school every day.

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    School watch

    01 Feb 2013

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