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​​Supporting Our Students

It is important that every student has access to the social, emotional, academic and wellbeing support they may require throughout their education. At Innisfail State College we have a team of dedicated personnel in place to support students to be their better self.

You can contact the following staff by calling the college on 4078 0222 or emailing the staff member directly. 



Guidance Officers are specialist teachers who deliver a broad range

 of services to the school community . They work directly

 with students in addition to working with teachers, support staff, family and other specialists or external support services. Support offered by guidance officers includes providing advice and counselling on educational, behavioural, vocational, personal, social, family and mental health and wellbeing issues.  Psychoeducational assessments and career development also forms an important part of their work to enhance positive educational outcomes and career pathways for all students. We provide leadership, support and case management for some of the most complex and challenging circumstances students and families may face. They are key to the development and implementation of plans and programs that are responsive to the needs of students.        


LAURA SPOONER - Chaplain (

I play a vital role within the school community, providing support to students, staff and families on a daily basis. I also run a variety of programs around mentoring, life skills and empowerment. I am an additional adult role model for students and can help with their emotional and spiritual needs. I am a listening ear if needed and often find myself supporting students with issues around resilience, peer pressure, stress, personal issues, self-esteem and general life challenges . I work Monday, Thursday & Friday. Students and families can make an appointment to see me at the school on these days. Alternatively students can come and see me in my office at E Block during their break times.


LISA SUE SAN - Transition Pathways Officer  (

I work across the Cassowary Coast Region supporting students at Innisfail State College, Tully State High School and Babinda S

tate School. The work of a Transition Pathways Officer is divided into four key areas:

  • Alternate Pathways – support young people who are at risk of not achieving a QCE or exiting school early to successfully transition into employment or training.
  • Early School Leavers – monitor & support early school leavers from years 10, 11 & 12 to help them successfully transition into a pathway. 
  • Year 13 – support year 12 graduates to transition into a pathway after high school.
  • ID to Succeed – assist school leavers from years 10, 11 & 12 with a resume, reference and 100 points of ID.

IAN WILLMETT - Community Education Counsellor   (

I provide educational counselling and support to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students. I facilitate and help develop internal and external programs and activities to enhance the involvement of these students and their families in education.   I liaise with community and industry to develop positive outcomes for these students and provide advice to the school community regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols.


PETER DICKIE  - Youth Support Officer (

DEMPSEY HASTIE  - Youth Support Officer (

I ensure all students have the social, emotional and academic support they need to succeed in a safe and positive learning environment. To ensure this, I work to identify the barriers that may prevent students from achieving this. I develop and foster relationships that assist in continued student engagement and advise on strategies that can lead to a better education experience.

I work with key stakeholders to develop and implement programs which support students social and emotional wellbeing. Innisfail State College continues to run successful support programs and most recently I have been involved in the development of the new Alternative Learning Program. This program increases student engagement through project based learning and encompass both school and community based activities. 


JODIE McAVOY - Student Attendance Officer (

I ensure that "every day counts". I monitor student attendance to identify any support students and their families may need in getting the most out of their education through attendance. 


Youth health nurses work with the school community on a range of issues that can affect the health & wellbeing of young people and the school community as a whole. This includes promoting health and wellbeing to support the development of a healthy school environment, teaching and learning activities and working with community and other services to connect young people and their families with the support they need.

Students are welcome to make an appointment to see me by contacting the school on 4078 0222 or they can come and see me at my office (E block) on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8:30am - 4:30pm.  


LOLLIE - Therapy Dog  (

I come to school with my human one or two times a week to provide love and put a smile on everyone's face with my cuteness. I listen without interrupting, enjoy quiet time with pats, provide non-judgemental company and am equally happy in the fresh air chasing a ball. I have been trained and assessed so that I can safely be on school grounds and provide puppy therapy to those who need it. It can be exhausting as a therapy dog but I love being at school with all the staff and students. I even have my own school uniform !




Our teachers generously give up their time to offer tutoring to students as follows:

SUBJECT                         DAY                                   TIME                                 ROOM

Maths & Science           Tuesday                            3:00-4:00pm                     XG01

English                            Wednesday                      3:00-4:00pm                    Library

Geography                     Wednesday                      10:45-11:20am                Library 

Music                              Thursday                          10:45-11:20am                B Block

Chemistry                       Thursday                          3:00-4:00pm                    YF20

Last reviewed 01 April 2022
Last updated 01 April 2022